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About Me


Beth Cohn




I am a California girl, born and raised. I consider myself an expert on most California destinations. I have lived in the Bay Area, near San Francisco since I was 7, before that I lived in LA county near Anaheim. I can offer great suggestions and planning for anywhere in the Bay Area, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Yosemite, Eureka, Los Angeles & Hollywood, San Diego, Anaheim, Long Beach, Palm Springs, etc.

I am a huge Disney fan and I have lots of first hand experience! I've been to Disneyland more times than I can count, at least 1-3 times every year of my life! I've been to Walt Disney World 5 times, and I'm planning my next trip ASAP. I've been to Disneyland, Paris twice, absolutely love it, and can't wait to go again!

I am also certified to sell Universal Parks and Resorts. I have been to Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando several times, both of them within the past year. I can help you make the most of your Universal Vacation with lots of personal tips.

I have been to Paris, London and Amsterdam each a few times and I have lived in Czechia, formerly known as Czech Republic. I can plan a wonderful European adventure for you to explore rich history and culture.

I am a North America Specialist certified by the Travel Institute. I am working on a certificate of Achievement in Travel Marketing, and a Home Based Travel Specialist certificate.

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