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About Me


Carole Forrest




Hey friend! My name is Carole and I'm so happy to meet you!
As a local to Walt Disney World, I am in the park weekly and would love to help you find the perfect vacation plan for your family. I've been in every hotel, every park, every restaurant and understand that every person's ideal vacation is different. That is part of the fun for me! I would love to take your desires and make them a reality at the Disney parks, here in Florida, California or even a Cruise!
I have been traveling nationally and internationally since I was young. In high school I even took a trip to Africa with a group of people I'd never met! I studied Cross-cultural Communication in College and since have travelled to three countries and have lived in three states. Exploring, learning and finding beauty in our world is a deep passion of mine and I would love to share that with you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Feel free to follow my journeys on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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