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Jennifer Kern


Ozone Park

New York

About Me

I've been a travel agent since 2012, specializing in romance and family travel.

One thing I would love for people to know about me is that I'm a matchmaker. My job isn't to give you the same 100 options you can find anywhere, but to ask questions and get to know you and truly listen to that I can make the best recommendations so you can have the best experience possible.

What helped me become known in this business is my incredibly detailed planning for Disney destinations. I love to use my extensive expertise to make what can be an intimidating trip a fun and stress-free one.

Over the years I have expanded my knowledge, training, and experience to apply these same skills and principles to other kinds of family and romance travel including all-inclusive resorts, cruises and more. I'm here first to listen and then to make recommendations tailored to you and to work with my in-location partners to make it all as seamless as possible.

I'm an NYC native, which means I love to show you the city through my eyes. It also means that no matter what your destination is, you'll always get straight talk and honest opinions from me.

I've had the privilege of planning hundreds of vacations for happy clients. My greatest joy is seeing my loyal families come back for further milestones or with growing families. I'd love to get to know you and match you with your dream vacation.

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