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Kristi Ray




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(985) 804-5005

Hi, I am a wife and homeschool mom of two boys in Lafayette, LA. I am a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge and a Universal Studios, Florida specialist. My husband and I believe that it is important to set aside time to make memories with our family. I have had the privilege of traveling across the country both by automobile and plane. I know the benefits and drawbacks of both. I have visited attractions both man-made and natural. Those filled with people and those isolated from them. Traveled in all four seasons to multiple locations even if it is just an "evacuation vacation". Traveled with and without kids and with and without parents and grandparents. Planned trips as early as 2 years in advance and planned trips as little as two weeks' notice. I have fallen in love with the thrill and excitement of planning a vacation. I would love to help you plan your trip to make lifelong memories.

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