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Amy Baird

Independent Agent

In our excitement to get started on our first visit to Disneyland, my family did not carefully note our parking spot. I remember how we rode the tram around in circles later that night, in search of that elusive rental car. Years later, we still laugh about it.

I was born with the desire to explore: whether it was laying out a European backpacking trip, visiting multiple Asian countries while living abroad, or mapping out road trips, planning vacations are, for me, half the fun. Friends & family always came to me to plan AYTHING, so it wasn't a stretch when someone suggested that I become a Travel Advisor.

I am dedicated to ensuring that your family gets the most value, in terms of your time spent in planning the trip, making the most of your time while on vacation, and maximizing the impact of your vacation budget. I care about your family’s trip and strive to provide a level of service that goes above and beyond. You can head off to your holiday confident that I have offered you the best options, made you privy to the latest bits of insider knowledge, and will continue to fine-tune behind the scenes details to enhance your vacation. Simply put, when you book travel with me, you will be well taken care of.

While I will (probably) not be able to tell you where in that lot you parked your rental car, you can rest assured that other details are taken of!

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