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Maranda Jones, Magical Moments Vacations

Simla, Colorado

(719) 201-7291

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Maranda Jones, Agent

Family vacations are all about making memories! My love for travel has been growing since I was a young girl. My dad traveled often for business, and he and my mom made sure my sister and I got to go too! We have been blessed to go along on many domestic and international trips, building strong relationships and creating lasting memories that we will value forever. I am inspired to do the same for my family and yours!

I’ve now traveled as a daughter, a wife, and a mother, and I am happy to share my travel experiences with others. Everyone in our small rural town knows that I am the teacher that loves all things, Disney! I appreciate the art and Imagineering that all started with a mouse, and I think the perfect day is one spent with family at Walt Disney World.

I want others to enjoy days full of magical moments that they will remember forever, whatever destination they choose. I love the planning, the packing, and then preparing for trips, whether they are my own or someone else’s!


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