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Living our Best Lives at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

All aboard the monorail. It's time to take a trip back to one of the "OG" Walt Disney World hotels. Located just a short ride or stroll from the Most Magical Place on Earth, the Magic Kingdom, you'll find Disney's Contemporary Resort. It's one of three resorts that is home to the monorail system, and one of Walt Disney World's most loved hotels. If you're planning your next vacation to WDW and are contemplating which resort to give a try, we'll lay out a few reasons why Disney's Contemporary may just be the right choice. So, sit back, have fun, and please stand clear of the doors.

The Breakdown...

Staying at the Contemporary Resort can be pretty Incredible... and we mean that literally because that brings us to an important category of rooms that you and your family of heroes can stay at.

Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney Travel Company

Located in the Main Tower/Atrium of Disney's Contemporary Resort is where you'll find the newly reimagined Incredibles themed rooms that sleep up to 5 adults. They're so "super," even Edna Mode would say, "Marvelous, dahling." Featuring a modern feel and Incredible nods, you'll wake up each morning ready to fight crime and tackle the parks.

Venturing out into other parts of the resort, you can expect to see rooms with a modern twist. You'll find categories like "Garden Wing - Standard View" all the way to "Theme Park View- Two Bedroom Suite- Club Level." These rooms offer ranges of occupancy from 2 to 10 adults so, no matter if it's just an adult getaway or a multigenerational gathering, you're ready to go.

Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney Travel Company

Tasty Treats

If you're looking for a great meal, Disney's Contemporary Resort has you covered! Sure, it has a great quick service option (Contempo Cafe) where you can get the perfect to-go meal, cupcake, and multiple pool bar options ...but this resort is also home to not 1, not 2, but 3 highly sought-after restaurants. So, let's dig in deep and take a look at those.

Steakhouse 71

Formerly The Wave, this newly reimagined restaurant takes you back to the original days of Walt Disney World. If you're thinking to yourself, "Doesn't Disneyland have a Steakhouse 55? Why's the name different?" The answer is quite simple. Each restaurant was given their name based on the year the resorts opened in those locations. Not only is the restaurant name an ode to the history of Walt Disney World, but the menu was actually inspired by Walt Disney himself! Here you can try the Steakhouse 71 Feast or Walt’s Prime Rib Hash for breakfast and French Onion Soup, Prime Rib, 6-oz Filet Mignon, or Dry-aged Bone-In Pork Chop for lunch or dinner. The options are so tasty here, you'd call the 5-second rule if you drop it on the ground. **Here's a tip: don't forget to try the rolls and the massive chocolate cake.**

California Grill

If you're feeling fancy, you'll want to snag an Advanced Dining Reservation for this location. This signature dining experience offers an amazing menu with killer views. HELLO MAGIC KINGDOM! And if you want to "plus up" your experience, snagging a dining reservation during the nighttime spectacular at the Magic Kingdom means a perfect view of the fireworks. California Grill is currently offering a Limited Time, 3 course 50th Anniversary Menu that is a fixed rate of $89 per adult and $39 per child (price does not include taxes or gratuities).

A couple of special things to note about California Grill. First, you'll find the check-in for this dining destination on the 2nd floor of the Contemporary. There you'll hop into a special elevator that will take you up to the 15th floor of the hotel, to the restaurant itself. Secondly, this is a signature dining experience. Therefore, a dress code is in place. While you don't have to show up dressed like it's a black-tie affair, you'll want to skip the flip-flops, cut-off shorts, and tank tops here. You can find the full dress code recommendations on the Walt Disney World website.

Photos courtesy of Magical Moments Vacations Agents

Chef Mickey's

This brings us to the star of the show... one of the most loved character meals within the whole of the Walt Disney World Resort, Chef Mickey's. Maybe it's the unique view of watching the monorail come through the Contemporary, the tasty meals you can enjoy, or the fact that Mickey and the gang are all there to say "Hi" in their chef attire, this restaurant is known for making some magical moments. If you're hoping to take in this experience, you'll want to grab an Advanced Dining Reservation at the 60-day mark when dining reservations open for your travel dates.

Here are some of our agents and their littles living their best lives at Chef Mickey's

Photos courtesy of Magical Moments Vacations Agents

The 4-1-1 on Everything Else

Here's some other great things to know about staying at this resort!

  • Getting around to the parks is easy peasy at Disney's Contemporary Resort. If you're headed to the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, you'll want to head to the Grand Canyon Concourse, aka the 4th floor, to climb aboard the monorail. If you're looking to get to Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, or one of the water parks you'll want to head outside through the lobby to get to the buses. Like to walk? Head out the lobby front doors and the right for a short walk to the Magic Kingdom.

  • Disney's Contemporary Resort offers a wide range of recreational activities, so at this resort, you'll never get bored.

  • If you are wanting a balcony, you'll want to skip the "Garden Wing" rooms, as only the first floor has a patio.

  • While you're hanging out on the 4th floor, make sure to check out the huge Mary Blair tile mural. It's quite a beauty and see if you can find the 5-legged goat. It's an important touch to this masterpiece. If you know anything about Mary Blair, you'll know she's one of the artistic masterminds behind It's a Small World. She created this 5-legged friend as a tribute to the Native American spirit, which believes that nothing man creates is ever "perfect."

More photos of the food and fun from Disney's Contemporary Resort

Photos courtesy of Magical Moments Vacations Agents


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Disney's Contemporary Resort is such a magical place to unwind and experience the enchantment of Disney up close. Staying there is like being in a bubble of joy, with all the comforts and iconic Disney charm right at your doorstep. It's no wonder people say they're living their best lives while there! A perfect blend of relaxation and adventure sell your house.

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