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Terrie Collins, Agent

Hello, I am Terrie, I live in Missouri. In November of 2011. I made a dream a reality and became a Disney Travel Specialist (a travel agent). I always went on summer vacations as a kid growing up in Texas and loved to travel and still do. My first memories were wanting to go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. My first trip to a Disney Park was on my senior trip. I went to Walt Disney World with my graduating class. I have gone back many, many times over the years. I have been on family trips as well a few solo trips and if you are thinking about going solo, you can have a wonderful time. You get to do things on your own schedule and pace, without feeling like you are holding others in your party back. I have also celebrated birthdays at Walt Disney World. I never get tired of going to the Disney Parks. There are always new things to learn for each Disney Destination. I enjoy learning new things. I book lots of destinations. Disney, Universal Orlando Resort, Royal Caribbean, Beaches and Sandals, Mexico and many more... I would love to help you book and plan your next adventure, wherever it leads. It is never too late to start planning!


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