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About Me


Amy Wu Baird



New Jersey

In our excitement to get started on our first visit to Disneyland, my family did not carefully note our parking spot. I remember how we rode the tram around in circles later that night, in search of that elusive rental car. Years later, we still laugh about it.

I was born with the desire to explore: whether it was laying out a European backpacking trip, visiting multiple Asian countries while living abroad, or mapping out road trips, for me, *planning* the vacation is half the fun. Friends & family always came to me to plan ANYTHING, so it was natural to become a Travel Advisor.

We work together to choose and layout the plans for your family's ideal trip, where my role is to help support you with the need-to-knows and insider tips to make the best choices. I care about your family’s trip and strive to provide a level of service that goes above and beyond. You can head off to your holiday confident that I have offered you the best options, made you privy to the latest bits of insider knowledge, and will continue to fine-tune behind-the-scenes details from where I am. Simply put, when you book travel with me, you will be taken care of each step of the way.

So while I may not know where your family parked that rental car when you got to the theme park, you can rest assured that your other vacation details ARE indeed taken of!

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