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About Me

I have been planning friends and family vacations for many years. Ten years ago my best friend and husband began telling me to become a travel agent. I enjoyed being a stay at home mom. My daughter became a senior in high school last year and I began worrying that I might get bored. I decided to become a travel agent. I was quickly reminded how driven I am and how much I put into working. I am what my Dad always called me, "A go getter!" I do whatever it takes to make my clients happy. Saving my clients money is a top priority. I will search for the best deal. After I find the deal, I begin planning every detail of your trip. I became a very detailed trip planner on our first trip to Disney World in 2008. I discovered that I loved reading travel books and blogs. I try to become as knowledgeable as possible before I begin planning. I want to find out the very best about each destination. I want to know what to avoid at each destination. I want my clients to be prepared and know what to expect without doing a ton of research. That's my job! I save my clients time and money and plan lifetime memories.

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