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About Me


Elizabeth Salhi




I have been traveling the US and abroad for many years. It started when I was young and my parents would take us on family trips to Disney World almost every year! Since then I have traveled across the US from Florida, New York, Texas, Wyoming, Alaska, and many more! I started traveling internationally in college. I've been to Canada, Europe, and Africa, all many times. My favorite place to visit so far is Morocco, I love the rich culture, amazing architecture, and of course the delicious food!

I love to travel because it can be such a different experience with each trip. It can be relaxing, thrilling, adventure-filled, calming, educational, or just plain fun! Or it can be all of these in one! No matter the destination, whether it's your first time there or your 20th time there, each vacation is a unique experience.

I write all of this in hopes to show you my love and passion for travel and how that can be incorporated into planning your vacation. My travel experiences enable me to help you plan the very best vacation fitted to your needs and preferences. Together we can make your next vacation a truly magical one!

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