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Adventures by Disney: Wyoming... Why the "Cowboy State" is the Perfect Stateside Adventure

Adventure calling? Looking to see and experience the beauty of nature? Then, welcome to the perfect blog post for you.

Thanks to the movie "Up," we all know the saying, "The wilderness must be explored." ... and Adventures by Disney offers just that, an exploration of some of the top destinations around the world, including places right here in the United States.

Recently our agents Christy, Lia, Megan, and Autumn represented MMV in an once-in-a-lifetime trip with Adventures by Disney to discover why their "Wyoming Adventure" could be the exact vacation you've been dreaming to take (or never knew you needed to see).

Take a look at a snapshot from our agent Christy's perspective on what she experienced on their Wyoming Adventure!


Why Wyoming?

This is the question asked by many friends and family members when they heard I was going on the Wyoming Adventure with Adventures by Disney. While I and my fellow agents knew that Wyoming was a pretty state, we had no grasp as to what lie ahead on our adventure.

From the moment our plane broke through the clouds and started the descent into Jackson Hole Airport, I was in complete and total awe of the beauty that surrounded us. As the only commercial airport situated completely inside of a national park, the airport is built to give you an appreciation of the beauty surrounding you from the moment you arrive.

At baggage claim, we were met by one of our adventure guides, who helped us find our way to the shuttle. Little did we know how much these adventure guides would become the best friends we never knew we needed!

Our adventure guides took care of us every step of the way. Not only did they take care of our itineraries and guide us through the schedule, but they also went above and beyond to make us feel like they were part of our family for the week. They took time to get to know us and they made sure to point out things of interest, so that we would know all about the history and beauty of the area.

MMV agents Lia, Megan, Christy, and Autumn

Our first two days were spent enjoying the historic town of Jackson Hole. Here we stayed for two nights at the historic Wort Hotel, which is has hosted many historic figures through it's years. On Day One, we had free time to enjoy walking around Jackson Hole and do a little shopping, which was followed by a welcome dinner back at the hotel where we met the other adventurers who would be traveling with us. This was a fun time of mixing and mingling. They even brought in locals to sing and play games with us. It was a great way to break the ice for the group.

Day Two started off with a breakfast buffet at the hotel then we headed off for a day of whitewater rafting on Snake River. Along the bus ride, our adventure guides once again shared with us bits of history of the area pointing out landmarks and wildlife along the way. I never in my life thought I would be a person to enjoy white water rafting but now I can’t wait to go again. I even “rode the bull” which, in rafting slang, means riding the front of the raft (like you would a bull).

After the rafting, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a show at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. At the Playhouse, we had a great dinner accompanied by singing waitstaff and learned the history of the Playhouse from the owner herself. After dinner, we were invited to see the musical Annie Get Your Gun, a favorite of mine! The cast was top notch and it was such a fun experience.

Day Three began with another great breakfast at The Wort before loading up and departing for Grand Teton National Park, where we would learn about the earliest settlers of the area. We even got to enjoy a bike ride where we took in the beauty of the Tetons.

After our bike ride, we headed to the Mural Room at Jackson Lake Lodge for a fabulous buffet lunch where we enjoyed some of the local specialties. We enjoyed looking around the area before it was once again time to depart for our next destination, West Thumb Geyser Basin. Here we enjoyed the beauty of the geothermal phenomena. Our guides taught us all about geysers and mud pots... and how they form much of the landscape in this area of Yellowstone. From there, we headed over to Old Faithful Inn where we stayed for the night. We enjoyed a nice dinner and explored the various geysers that surround the Inn, of which Old Faithful is the most popular.

On Day Four, we were taught about Yellowstone National Park. Here we were joined by one of the Park Rangers of Yellowstone National Park who showed us around Lower Loop and the Fountain Pot Paint Trail, giving an in-depth lesson along the way on the science and history of the park, as well as the wildlife and how they interact with their surroundings. We were excited to see a herd of bison too, from a safe distance of course. They are truly beautiful creatures!

After that, we enjoyed a quick private lunch at the Canyon Village Lounge before we loaded up for our hike up the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone led by our Park Guide! The hike was optional, and we were so glad we decided to do it because the sights we saw were simply breathtaking. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it but, I made it all the way and felt so proud of myself!!

From there, we headed up to Brooks Lake Lodge where we would be for the rest of our stay. I don’t even know how to begin to describe the beauty of this lodge. It truly is hard to put into words. The view is so picturesque, it’s like stepping into a postcard. The staff are all super friendly and welcoming and you can tell they truly love their jobs and the area. Both chefs brought out food that was comparable to some of the best five-star restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. Every morning and afternoon, we were given our choice of activities-horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, fly-fishing, archery or just hanging out at the lodge. Brooks Lodge also has a spa on site where I had the best massage I’ve ever had. While there were a lot of activities to choose from, it was also very relaxing and none of us wanted to leave.

The last morning, we had one last fabulous breakfast. Then our adventure guides took us back to Jackson Hole and said, "goodbye." It was hard to say goodbye to the two guides who had taken care of us all week but I know I’ll be back on another Adventure by Disney soon and hopefully will see them again.

Now when people ask, “Why Wyoming?” I can ask them “Why NOT Wyoming?” It was truly an experience I could do over and over again.


Ready to book your Adventures by Disney vacation? Contact your Magical Moments Vacations agent to start planning. Don't have an agent yet? Request a quote today and we'll match you with the perfect agent to plan your escape.

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