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Avanti Destinations: Immersing Yourselves in Italy

Updated: Mar 21

When we think of Italy our brains think pasta, wine, and history. There's something enchanting about it. That's why when Avanti Destinations invited agents to experience an immersive tour, our agent Lisa jumped on board!

During her time with Avanti, they toured popular tourist sites, checked out hotel hot spots, and enjoyed living that Italian lifestyle. Here are some of the special things she was able to experience adding more proof that, seeing Italy with Avanti Destinations, should be on your MUST-DO list!


The following excerpts were put together on behalf of Avanti Destinations.


At Avanti, we recognize the importance of firsthand experiences, as well as the cultivation of strong relationships with our valued suppliers. This is why our Educational Trips remain a cornerstone of our annual initiatives. In this spirit, we took our group on a journey to the Veneto Region of Italy.

Commencing their adventure in the popular city of Venice, Italy, then headed to the picturesque town of Soligo, nestled in the heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills. En route, they paused for a wine tasting and indulged in local cuisine at the Maso di Villa Estate, toured the charming town of Asolo and explored the Valpolicella region, with stops in Verona and Bassano del Grappa. Before bidding farewell to this incredible region, the adventure concluded with sunsoaked relaxation aboard a private boat on Lake Garda.

Photo Courtesy of Avanti Destinations


Venice is a one-of-a-kind city built on water canals known for its deep history, charming cafes, boutique shops, festivals, iconic buildings such as Doge’s Palace, and its delectable seafood cuisine. Absent of cars and replaced with gondolas, this city is known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”.

Venice Properties

Splendid Venice, 4-Star

Just a few steps from some of the world’s greatest sights, the Splendid Venice is a charming luxury hotel, as elegant as Venice herself.

Ali Cavalieri, 4-Star

The Superior Hotel Ai Cavalieri di Venezia, with its 19th-century frescoes, its terraces dominating Venice and its ideal location at a walking distance from Rialto and St. Mark’s Square, will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Ai Reali, 4-Star

The luxury rated Ai Reali di Venezia Hotel is located in an ancient aristocratic Venetian palace, in the historical center of the city, between Rialto and Piazza San Marco. The Hotel, stands out for its highly refined elegance and the attention of its staff to the slightest detail, wishing its guests to feel like they have a second home in Venice.

Luna Baglioni, 5-Star

Steeped in history, Venice enchants all visitors. A stay at the luxurious Baglioni Hotel Luna offers you the most prestigious location in the city, just one minute away from Piazza San Marco.

Hotel Kette, 4-Star

In the heart of Venice, Hotel Kette welcomes guests in elegant rooms filled with comforts and modern services where panoramic views are to be appreciated during quiet moments of reading and relax.

Venice Tours

Embark on a romantic Gondola ride, an emblematic experience on the city's enchanting canals, and delved into its rich history with two immersive city tours. For a taste of the city's authentic flavors, take the Private Afternoon Walking Tour with stop in Bacari, a delightful journey that incorporates a visit to an esteemed bacari establishment.

Private Gondola Ride

Nothing like a gondola ride makes you feel how special is Venice.

Private Venice Walking Tour with Guide

This tour is balanced to offer a full view of Venice: apart from St Marks Square and the Ducal Palace, it includes areas of the city where everyday life takes place, far from the hustle and bustle.

Private Afternoon Walking Tour with Bacari Stop

This tour is a combination of art and gastronomic tradition. The itinerary includes the Rialto Bridge and Carampane, San Polo and San Bartolomeo areas.

Valdobbiadene Wine Region

Amongst the northeastern hills of the Veneto Region lies the Valdobbiadene wine region, known for some of the world’s notably worthy Prosecco and rice. This area has significant history and is a beacon for wine and nature enthusiasts across the globe. Raise a glass to this gem of a region!

Valdobbiadene Properties

Hotel Villa Soligo, 4-Star

Hotel Villa Soligo boasts timeless elegance amidst the countryside in the quaint Valdobbiadene region of Italy with delightful villa style accommodations for travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience.

Villa Albergo del Sole, 4-Star Villa

Albergo del Sole also offers villa style accommodations, located in the heart of Asolo, offering historic charm and making it an excellent base for exploring the Valdobbiadene wine country.

Valdobbiadene Tours

The center of Italy’s wine culture calls for Villas and Estate visits! Guests are invited to savor the exquisite wines of the region paired with delectable local cuisine. This remarkable region additionally includes the lovely quaint town of Asolo, often referred to as the “Pearl of Veneto”. Asolo exudes a timeless charm that leaves an indelible mark on all who visit.

Maso di Villa Estate for Wine Tasting with Local Food Private Villa Maser and Asolo Tour

Valpolicella Wine Region

The Valpolicella Wine Region is a tapestry of vineyards, rolling hills, and charming villages. Known for its outstanding red wines, this region invites wine lovers to come and indulge in a soothing glass of wine and soak in its stunning landscapes.

Valpolicella Properties

Villa Cordevigo, 5 Star

For a luxurious retreat, the Villa Cordevigo is a lavish escape amidst vineyards and rolling hills.

Due Torri Hotel, 5 Star

In the town of Verona, the Due Torri Hotel offers a great central location and holds authentic Italian traditional styles.

Valpolicella Tours

Guests can enjoy an exploration of three distinctive towns, accompanied by ample wine tasting that all beautifully capture the essence of the Veneto Region, seamlessly blending the joys of wine and gastronomy with the profound cultural richness found within Italy's architectural marvels.

Private Bassano del Grappa, Villa Angarano and Wine Estate Visit with Light Lunch

Private Walking Tour of Verona

Private Lake Garda Tour

Can you imagine taking in those sites in such a magical way? Visiting Italy, as well as any Europe Destination when planned correctly, can be an immersive experience that leaves you "changed." And when you partner Magical Moments Vacations with Avanti Destinations, you know you'll be in the best of hands seeing the world both near and abroad. Ready to start planning your next European adventure with MMV? Request a quote today!

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