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Royal Caribbean's "NextCruise Book Later": The Perfect Way to Plan Ahead and Save

If you love to cruise then you understand that magical feeling of knowing when your next sailing is going to take place... having that "Countdown Calendar" sets your mind at ease. Sometimes while sailing, you know exactly where you want to go next, but other times, perhaps, the choices are all too amazing and so you need that extra bit of time to consider the many options of "where to" on your next cruise.

MMV Littles Loving Part of Their RCCL Cruise

This is why MMV LOVES Royal Caribbean's NextCruise Book Later Program! This program gives RCCL cruisers a great chance to book their next sailing onboard, while allowing extra time to nail down the details.

What is the NextCruise Book Later Program?

RCCL's NextCruise Book Later Program is a great way for sailors, while currently sailing on a Royal Caribbean ship, to confirm "they will sail again," but gives you flexibility of deciding later, when and where to go!

This program offers:
  • More flexibility and time to square away your next cruise vacation with RCCL

  • A reduced deposit that works as a placeholder, until you pick out your sailing

  • Special savings up to $600 based on sail date, length of sailing, and stateroom category booked

  • The opportunity to book up to 3 reduced deposit rates, that can be used for friends or family to sail with you on your next sailing too! *Please note: All must be used on the same future sailing.

  • Plus, when you take part in this program, your MMV agent is still listed on your reservation! That means, when you get home, you just contact your agent to help plan all the fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you need to put down as a placeholder for your next sailing and how long do you have to choose?
While sailing onboard your RCCL cruise, you can make a $200 nonrefundable reduced deposit that go towards your next sailing. Once back home, you will have 2 months to pick your next cruise to take advantage of RCCL's special savings. Will an additional deposit be required when a ship and sail date is selected?
Great news! For a double occupancy stateroom in a Junior Suite category or below, the $200 will suffice until final payment! However, if there are more than 2 people in the stateroom, then an additional nonrefundable deposit of $100 per person will be collected for Junior Suite staterooms and below categories. If a Grand Suite or higher Deluxe category is booked, the full deposit will be required for all passengers on the booking when the ship, sail date and suite are selected.

Is there an expiration date on your deposit?
If you make your way home and can't decide within the two-month timeframe, don't stress! Your deposit will remain valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. While you won't be able to access RCCL's special Book Later savings (that needed to take place within 60 days), you can still use your deposit towards an amazing RCCL itinerary for you and your family. *If the reservation has still not converted to a ship and sail date by then, the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will be fully penalized.

Do you need to sail within the 1-year timeline?
While you have 12 months to pick your ship and sail date, you do not need to sail within this time frame.

When picking your new ship and sail date, will the refundable fare be available to choose?
The nonrefundable fare will automatically be selected when converting the reservation to a specific ship and sail date. The refundable fare is not an option with this offer.

If you pick the ship and sail date within the first 2 months, will you still be able to make changes without penalty before the offer expires?
No, once you select your ship and sail date, $100 per person fees will be incurred if any changes are made.

Sailing RCCL soon? Don't forget to talk with your MMV agent about the NextCruise program! Not booked yet? Contact your MMV agent and request a quote today.

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5 days ago

What a great way to save and get your next cruise on the calendar!


6 days ago

Love it when Royal offers great deals for the whole family! Meghan Meidinger, Agent


This is a great way to plan your next vacation with great options! 😍

AND you get to keep your travel agent bestie 🧳👧listed for your future travel with all their help and expertise. ❤️

If you’re looking for a travel agent bestie, reach out today!


6 days ago

Taking advantage of NextCruise is the best way to go! It helps me be ok with disembarking, knowing I will have another Royal Cruise to look forward to!


6 days ago

RCCL is the Perfect Way to cruise! Christin Jordan, Agent

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