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Universal's Holiday Tour ... Why this tour is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit

Looking for a way to PLUS UP your holiday adventure at Universal Orlando this year (or looking to plan ahead for next)? Check out this snapshot, written by our agent Christy, to see why Universal's Holiday Tour is THE way to fa-la-fall in love with this special season at the Universal Orlando Resort.


Universal 's Holiday Tour at Universal Orlando has everything you need to get your family into the holiday spirit. During this 5-hour tour, you can experience a spectacular show, "special tour only" character interactions, an attraction with absolutely no wait, and see all the beauty of the holidays in an empty park (after all the crowds have gone for the day).

Photo Compliments of Universal Orlando

After check-in, which can be found in between Hard Rock Café and Universal Studios, you will meet your tour guide for the night and be placed into your group. Our group was around 12 people. This will be your friend group for the next five hours as you experience all the holiday fun.

Once all the groups are separated out for the night, you will be taken to the specially reserved seats for the holiday classic, the “Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular.” Here, you will have front and center seating, as you watch the retelling of Dr Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” With a fun narration and music contributions by The Manheim Steamroller, you will watch as the Whos and The Grinch learn about the real meaning of Christmas. This is such a fun retelling, and a great start to a night of holiday joy. From here, your tour guide will lead you off into empty Universal Orlando parks which are fully decked out in Holiday Splendor. At this point all of the groups separate and go off to adventure on different schedules.

On the tour you will get to see the Streets of New York complete with the 80-foot tree and hear the story of Earl the Squirrel and why he is the mascot of Universal Orlando during the Holidays. You also will get a private touring of the Holiday tribute store and learn about the theme and various Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout. Along the journey, you will see all of the areas of both Universal Studios and Island of Adventures all decked out in their holiday finery with Christmas lights galore.

Another great thing about this tour is you will get to experience one attraction that stays open just for the Holiday tour guests. So, that means NO WAIT! Get ready to experience Villain-Con: Minion Blast and audition be the "newest member" of the Vicious 6. I’m still waiting to get the call to let me know if I’m in or not.

What holiday event is complete without food? None. Throughout the tour, you will have two different stops. At Café LaBamba, you will find savory treats of pasta, chicken bites and fries, with a variety of fruits and cheeses, along with bottled sodas and waters (and on cold nights even Hot Coffee and Hot Chocolate). Then you will also find a reception area with a selection of desserts, as well as beverages again.

Your tour guide will also take you to meet some exclusive characters. Along the way, you will get to meet a Who from Whoville, The Grinch, as well as his trusty friend Max (the only time you can meet Max on Universal property is on the Holiday Tour). While you usually have to wait hours to meet The Grinch, this tour offers the opportunity to avoid that wait.

Another very special person will be waiting to meet you and your family or friends. You will all be so happy to spend a few minutes with Santa, himself! ...which is once again another holiday experience exclusive to Holiday Tour guests only.

Just in case all of that has not been enough to get you into the Holiday Spirit, Universal has one last trick up their sleeves. Your tour guide will lead the group to an EMPTY Hogsmeade, fully set up in all of it’s Holiday Splendor. Through the snow toped homes of this magical village, you can look up to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry towering above the town and it’s sleeping magical inhabitants.

If you watch closely, Hogwarts will come alive with a magical light show celebrating all of the traditional holiday events. It is a breathtaking ending to a wonderful night before your tour guide takes you to the exit of the park and wishes you a "Good Night and a Happy Holidays."

The tour lasts about five hours and can be purchased through your favorite Magical Moments Vacation Travel Agent.


Ready to start planning your Universal Orlando holiday getaway? Request a quote today!

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