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About Me

Hello! As a lifelong traveler, I am thrilled to bring my expertise and passion to your next adventure. Living just south of the great city of Houston, my family and I focus on exploring as much of this amazing world as we can.

I've been snow skiing since I was five and have done a lot of the major mountains in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. As an adult and mother, I've taken my kiddos to all of the gorgeous sites Texas has to offer in addition to many other states and internationally to Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. To add to my experience and expertise, I have spent a semester in Europe studying abroad where I toured the countries of France, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland and have returned to Switzerland to explore the country more in-depth. As a professional in the Houston area, my clients have guided my expertise to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and all of the Universal Studios parks.

I've completed multiple supplier trainings and add more to my list routinely. I take every opportunity to learn more about this amazing industry and the priceless experiences our world has to offer. But, most importantly, my clients are my priorities. I'm here to help with anything to make sure your trip is relaxing, fun, and all you want it to be for I truly believe travel with people you love is the only investment you never lose.

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