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About Me


Carla Carper




Hi! My name is Carla, and I specialize in family vacations and helping clients make memories that will last a lifetime. Life is busy and making time to get away with our loved ones is so crucial. Over the years my passion for traveling has only increased with each opportunity to unplug from daily responsibilities and engage without distraction with my family and friends. The memories we have shared have helped us build and strengthen our bonds. Those little escapes have also provided much-needed rest, perspective, and the recharge we all need from time to time.

My specialty areas include all Disney destinations: Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Disney's Aulani, as well as Universal Studios, and family cruises.

I am passionate about using my personal experience and training to help you plan a trip that is catered to your needs and preferences. My years in the classroom have provided me with a great deal of experience helping families who may need accommodations for various special needs including autism, anxiety, and hearing loss. My personal travels to these locations have come in many shapes and for many purposes from family bonding, girl's trips, romantic getaways, celebrating milestones, and even achieving some milestones such as running my first mini-marathon. I enjoy discovering the hidden magic in these places, finding money-saving tips, and maximizing every moment of a trip.

So... give me a call and let me help you create your own memories!

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