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About Me


Danielle Meares


Carson City


I was blessed enough to have grown up in the travel industry with parents working for Royal Caribbean, the airlines, and even Disney. I won't date myself, but I have watched mouth-dropping 'super' ships roll out and little girls' princess dreams become a reality thanks to the magic of Disney. With over close to 20 years in the industry, I have been fortunate enough to call MMV family since 2015. Everyone knows the Meares Family LOVES to travel. My husband, son and I have been blessed enough to have traveled the world and have been able to gain tips and tricks due to our own mistakes and travel successes that I always attempt to pass on to my clients. 

I am here to help you travel to your dream destinations. Don't believe the myth, IT DOES NOT COST YOU ANYMORE TO BOOK WITH A TRAVEL AGENT. This is something so many people are unaware of. You do not get consistent price monitoring and matching from the Big Box Travel Companies. My goal is to ensure you feel like a true VIP with every vacation you take. We work hard so we can play harder RIGHT? Whatever it might be, I am here for you and your loved ones. Referrals welcome and rewarded. What is your next dream vacation?

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