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About Me


Jamison Irick



South Carolina

Hi there! I am so excited to be diving into the travel industry as an agent with Magical Moments Vacations. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a focus in Hospitality and Tourism Management, I was eager to jump into the tourism world. After moving to a few different states and holding some other positions that gave me a glimpse at managing travel, I decided to go back to school to learn more about the tourism industry. When covid hit, it threw a wrench in my plans of getting my Masters. Shortly after, I moved to Florida from South Carolina to continue with a company in retail. I quickly got my foot in the door at a hotel and worked there for about 5 months before receiving a promotion in retail and leaving the hotel. With 4+ years of planning business travel for a recruiting team plus living just outside of Orlando, I discovered my passion in the tourism industry was vacation planning. I have been booking friends' and families' trips to Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort for the past 4 years, and it brings me so much joy to watch vacation plans come to life! I am so excited to be on this journey, and I hope that you will let me join you in ensuring you get to live outall of your magical moments!

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