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About Me

After retiring from a 35 year career in education, I began looking for my next adventure. Planning travel for family and friends had always been a hobby of mine. (I planned my first family trip when I was 10! I was that weird child who liked to read and study maps and travel brochures.) My love of Geography and History led me to my degree in Social Studies Education.

With all of that "history" under my belt, becoming a travel planner was a natural path. I began researching host travel agencies in order to start my new adventure. There were so many host agencies out there, that it became quite challenging to find the perfect fit. I then discovered Magical Moments Vacations and they seemed to represent everything I needed and wanted to start my career.

Vacations are important for everyone's well being and since they can be expensive, we need to make sure that you have the perfect plan in place for you and your family. Listening to people and making suggestions based on what you say is an area where I think I can excel for you. As people who know me say, I'm a meticulous planner whether it is for a trip, school event or family activity.

Please reach out to me at 614-395-0552 or and let me use my knowledge and experiences to help guide you to a Magical Moments Vacation

Disney Destinations Universal (Orlando & Hollywood) Busch Gardens Parks NCL, Princess, RCCL Cruise Lines

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