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About Me


Lara Asbaugh


Kansas City


I'm Lara Ashbaugh - My core value in life is Work hard/play hard. As my client I will work hard to find, organize and book the trip you've been imagining. And I play hard meaning I still travel myself - I walk the walk and have been to many of the destinations I send my clients to.

I'm a family travel specialist. I believe the in the value of experiences and connections made on a vacation together. Whether it's a small family trip or a multi-generational family reunion - I'm there to help with the planning and organization.

I'm a mom to a 6 year old - who took his first plane trip at 9months old. I understand the unique challenges that traveling with a child brings. I'm had moments where I questioned my decision to take the trip altogether and I've had moments where his smile and excitement make all the challenges fade away - and remind me WHY I did this in the first place.

My husband and I have been married for over 18+ years - we had many years of travel with just the two of us. So, in addition to a family specialist I'm also a romance specialist. I know the value of time spent with your significant other. Relationships take work to grow and maintain - you learn a lot about someone when you travel together!

I'm passionate about travel, I'm organized, and I'm knowledgeable. I'd love to help you with your travel dreams!

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