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About Me

I am a military brat and have traveled my whole life. I have been cruising regularly since 2019, I even got married on a cruise (which I thought was so Amazing). I've cruised in the Caribbean (Honduras, Grand Cayman, and different places in Mexico), Alaska, Bermuda and in 2024 I am cruising Italy and Greece. 

I love traveling, and learning different cultures and ways of life as well as exploring the beautiful places the world has to offer. It definitely helps me as a person to get away from the usual day to day life, and stresses and reset my mind. I decided to take courses at Sonoma State University in California to better help me plan and coordinate my family vacations. I realized with me doing all the planning and coordinating it was satisfying to me seeing my family and friends just enjoying their much needed vacations. So I thought maybe I should actually be a Travel Agent since I plan and coordinate my family's vacations. 

I'm hoping I can help take the stress off others people from planning and coordinating and just have the families enjoy their time off.

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