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About Me


Shara Minton




Hi! My name is Shara Minton and traveling brings me immense joy! I love to share the joy of traveling with everyone around me! I specialize in Orlando-area destinations (Disney, Universal, etc.), along with the domestic U.S.; Europe, Tahiti, and cruises. I want to help families and groups find their bucket list adventure!

I love to travel! Along with continuous travel to Orlando, I have traveled extensively throughout the southeastern U.S. I have visited Europe and Asia several times. I have sailed with the fishermen of Iceland; walked the hallways of castles and cathedrals in Europe, and have seen the historical wonders of China and Italy. Future trips include Orlando; Branson; Gatlinburg; New York City; and Egypt.

I travel many times a year to learn more about destinations of interest. My clients get VIP treatment. I help take care of all details so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. I offer tips for preparing for the upcoming trip and suggestions and ideas for what to do at your destination(s). I help set up tours, guides, transportation, meals, and other excursions. For Disney, I assist with dining, fast passes, tours, guides, and other needs. Most importantly, I am available during your trip to assist with any needs that may arise so that your trip goes smoothly.

If you are dreaming of travel, of seeing the world, of visiting that bucket list location, of going to the wild blue yonder and chasing the sun, contact me to plan your dream trip!

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