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Every Reason All Jurassic World Fans Should Visit Universal Orlando

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Calling all dino fans, this blog is for you! At MMV, we're getting excited about the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, the final installment of the Jurassic World trilogy. While it's sad that this epic adventure is coming to an end, we're not sweating it. We know that if we're needing a little dino-loving fun in our lives, Universal Orlando is just a plane ride (or drive) away. So, let's dig 65 million years into the past and check out all the things you and your favorite people can experience on your next trip to Universal's "Jurassic Park" inside Islands of Adventure.


Picture this: You're spending your day at Universal's Islands of Adventure and suddenly, in the distance, you hear the theme song of Jurassic Park filling the air. If it's your first Universal Orlando vacation, the proper response is goosebumps... like full-body goosebumps. You know you're about to experience something with "a bite."

The Rides

Jurassic Park River Adventure

First up on your "JP" experience may be Jurassic Park River Adventure. If it's midday and hot outside, this 48" and up water ride will help cool you down while having fun. Without giving away too much, you're going to love going on a scenic tour around some of Jurassic Park's favorite dino enclosures. Just make sure to stay alert, you never know when you may find yourself coming face to face with one of its inhabitants.

While this is a water ride, you may not get completely soaked. Expect to come off this ride anywhere from lightly misted to completely drenched. If getting wet isn't your cup of tea, be sure to bring a poncho. This ride is still worth the extra effort! Also get ready to pose and say "AHHHHHHHHH," because you're going to love this ride's photo op as you stylishly slide 85 feet down.

Pteranodon Flyers

If you have littles, your next stop will probably be Pteranodon Flyers. This ride was made specifically for the younger park goers that might not be big enough for the other ROAR-some dino offerings inside Jurassic Park.

With a minimum height of 36" and a max height of 56", this two person glider ride is the perfect way to spend some "one on one" time with your favorite little one. As you board below the wings of a "Pteranodon," (kiddo in front, mom/dad/guardian in the back) you'll soar above some of the best views of Universal's Islands of Adventure. While you'll also "gently swing" on this ride, there's no "scary moments" like an unexpected drop, so you can assure your little park goer they are going to have a blast. **Please note: While this ride may look like fun, this ride was created for younger children. If you are with an adult-only party, you will not be able to experience this ride.

Photo Compliments of Universal Orlando

Jurassic World: VelociCoaster

Last but certainly not least of the rides you can experience inside Jurassic Park at Universal's Islands of Adventure is the VelociCoaster.

This brand new, dino-sized thrill ride will give you an adrenaline rush like never before. You'll get to experience the "thrill of the hunt," as you race through the "jungle" while being chased by Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie. Just make sure to keep your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the coaster at all times because we want to make sure you exit the ride in one piece.

With a height requirement of 51" this ride is recommended for those who truly love the epicness of a coaster. **Note: This ride also features an amazing photo op, so picking up a "My Universal Photos" package is always a great idea! This way you can easily take home a snapshot of all the fun you had on your amazing vacay for one low cost.**

Dino Meet and Greet

It's easy to say that everyone loves Blue. She's the raptor that stole our hearts when the first Jurassic World movie was just released. Thankfully Universal Orlando felt that love and decided to bring a one-of-a-kind raptor meet and greet to the parks. Yep, you can meet Blue at her new enclosure inside Universal's Islands of Adventure. During your meet with Blue, you’ll "learn some interesting facts" about her and her fellow raptors. Then, slowly... and most importantly, carefully... you'll be able to step up close and snag a completely amazing photo with this beautiful creature!

Plus, if you're lucky you may get to meet some of the cutest, but "deadliest" hatchlings to join the Universal family, Sierra and Tango.

Photo Ops, Science Fun, and More...

We're not done just yet. There are a few more things you won't want to miss while visiting Jurassic Park.

Packed full of details, this part of Islands of Adventure is covered in themed photo ops. From a T-Rex to a Spinosaurus, make sure to strike a pose with these cold-blooded reptiles. **Note: If you need an extra set of claws (we mean hands), keep a look out for Universal's automated photo ops in this area. Just scan your "My Universal Photos" card, step back, and say "dino."**

Our agents know how to take a terrifyingly terrific photo!

Another fun thing you won't want to miss out on is the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

Here you'll "unearth the mysteries of our planet's prehistoric past at this interactive center where dinosaurs have been brought back to co-exist with humans." You'll be able to "test your DNA," play You Bet Jurassic™ and marvel at towering T-Rex fossils. You can even examine dinosaur eggs in the nursery where baby Velociraptors are ready to hatch. This hands-on experience is perfect for the blooming scientists in your family.

If you're needing to let your tiny tots burn off some steam, Camp Jurassic is the place to go. This "mega recreation area is a multi-level prehistoric playground where kids can have mammoth-sized fun. Explore dark caves and amber mines, climb dinosaur-capture nets and negotiate a swaying suspension bridge as the ground rumbles with the roar of dinosaurs."

... And who can forget the countless other nods to this amazing land you can experience? We're talking more sharp teeth, sweet-themed treats, and a vacation full of magical moments.

One Last Thing Before You Go...

We couldn't end this blog without letting you know how you can take your Jurassic Park/World day to a whole new level. Located at Loews Royal Pacific Resort are kids suites that will have your family or friends playing rock, paper, scissors on who gets the Gyrosphere beds. Take a look at the "kids room" in this 2-bedroom Jurassic World Kid's Suite!

**Note: These rooms book up quickly so be sure to have your Magical Moments Vacations Agent book it early for you!


If you're ready for a vacation that is DINO-mite, it's time to start planning. Request your quote today with Magical Moments Vacations today!


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